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Our History

With the origins of the firm going back over 50 years, Dundee Wealth Management AG has a rich heritage. We can trace our beginnings back to the mid 20th Century. We have experienced several periods of severe stock market turmoil we have a wealth of experience in dealing with the ups and downs in the global investment marketplace.

A number of stock brokerage firms have come together over the years to establish what Dundee Wealth Management AG is today. Most recently, we have joined forces with a number of other leading financial names. While we are proud of our diverse heritage, today we are a single firm with consistently high standards of professionalism and integrity to which we adhere to uphold the high standards of the global investment industry.

As Financial Centre

Liechtenstein is the fourth smallest country in Europe with a land area of 160 km². In the areas of innovation, development and economic resilience, the Principality stands well ahead of its peers. It has had a long tradition of political stability and a robust legal system. Standard & Poor’s AAA rating for Liechtenstein reflects the country’s strong position and provides a healthy backdrop for an internationally competitive banking system.

Liechtenstein has been in a customs and currency union with Switzerland since 1924 and has been a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1995. The latter development has given the Principality open access to the services and capital markets of the European Union as well as to those of the EEA. On account of its use of the Swiss Franc in the context of the currency union, Liechtenstein banks are able to avail themselves of liquidity provided by the Swiss National Bank on the same basis as domestic institutions in Switzerland.

In spite of significant challenges over the years, Liechtenstein has retained its economic and financial pre-eminence. The adoption of EU legal norms has strengthened the Principality’s competitiveness as a credible jurisdiction, which can be both commercial and compliant with European due diligence standards.

Liechtenstein has had a long tradition of providing exceptional service over decades. On account of its leading position, it has been able to attract top-level expertise both domestically and internationally.

People Behind

The success of Dundee Wealth Management AG is founded on the quality of the people who work here. We have more than 300 staff across our 7 offices and we are committed to giving them the resources and support they need to do a great job for our clients. To ensure that we continue to attract the best people in the field, we invest a great deal of time and energy in making sure that Dundee Wealth Management AG is an enjoyable and rewarding place to work. This extends from providing quality training and development to recognizing excellence and providing well-resourced workplaces.


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